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Teluk Batik Beach Resort
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Does one like serenity?
Does one enjoy peace?
Does one wishes to be with nature?
Both forest and sea?
To rest one's eyes,
and sleep through night,
Wandering, as if nothing matters,
into a place, where stars never die.
There's only silence, and soft rustling leaves,
and the chirping of birds, the melody of peace.
If you love nature, and is seeking a place to refuge from a busy life, You've come to the right place. Our resort is design for tired travellers and people who seeks a place to rest and meditate. We have all the facilities to achieve this, but most importantly of all, our resort is at the heart of nature. It is surrounded by trees, hills and forest reserves, and also a sandy beach not far away. For more information, feel free to browse around and we do hope you'll enjoy this site as much as we do. Thank you.

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