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Teluk Batik Beach Resort
About Us


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Teluk Batik Beach Resort is NOT what you call a place to ride roller coasters or to have a round of roulette. It is specifically designed for those who wish to rejuvenate and regenerate oneself, spiritually, mentally and physically.

        To achieve this, we have combined the forces of nature, both land and water and brought it right into the heart of our Resort. The Resort itself is surrounded by hills and forest reserves and a golden sandy beach not far away, taking one closer to nature than ever. At day, one can enjoy the peaceful rustling of trees, and at night; only the soft chirpings of insects can be heard, putting one slowly to sleep.

        For those who wants get wet, theres a beach not far away, an estimated 3 to 10 minutes walk on average. The beach itself is decent enough, especially during the evenings when a beautiful scenery of the sunset could be seen. Beach activities can be arranged, e.g. kayaking, canoeing, etc. However bookings must be made firsthand, for more information, please contact us.

        If one likes the forest, then needless to say, our Resort is completely surrounded by it. The forest itself holds no potential threat nor danger, only snakes (rarely seen), monkeys (usually comes out during the evenings) and other mammals like squirrels and cats. Jungle trekking is available for those who are interested, for more enquiries, please contact us.

        Other than nature itself, we also have a great variety of facilities to offer. For those who enjoy sports, we have a tennis court (outdoors), a badminton court (indoors), table tennis, a gymnasium (fully equipped), a jogging track and a beautifully designed swimming pool. (Please note that all the facilities noted above are for members, hotel guests and owners ONLY* for traffic control reasons)



Beach View

For those who are looking for something more relaxing, one can get a massage at our massage parlour. There are many different types of massages depending on what you want, e.g. Traditional Malay Massages, Anti-Stress Massages, etc.

        Other than that, we also have sauna and jacuzzi and herbal sauna. One can also meditate or just fall asleep at the poolside on our wooden armchairs. Our coconut trees make excellent shades.

        For packages, like celebrations and family outings, we can provide one with space, supplies and tools, or one can bring their own. We can arrange the place at almost anywhere you want your package to be; we have a BBQ Pit, a recreational park, a Banquet Hall (fully air conditioned), a restaurant (F & B), a Bar Lounge (still under construction, sorry for any inconvenience). Where you want it to be is up to you to decide. However, bookings must be made early so that we can reserve the place for you. For more information, please contact us.

        Because this is a resort not a hotel, our customer service is very limited (Please read our Terms & Conditions). However, we will certainly help our guests however way we can if possible. Our place is very relaxing and everything is quiet and peaceful, thus making it 'the' ideal place to escape from a busy life.


*For further detailed enquiries, contact us and we'll provide you with as much information as possible.